Photo & Header Image Credit: Kate Davis Photography

Photo & Header Image Credit: Kate Davis Photography

Caroline, a Harvard (B.A., 2010) and Ole Miss (MFA, 2015 ) graduate, is a newly appointed Writer-in-residence at Fisk University in her hometown of Nashville, TN.

"I’m a Southern girl. Georgia and Alabama are in my blood. Nashville is my home. And us Southern girls, we’re supposed to be able to cook. And by cook, I don’t mean follow a tidy little recipe or warm something up; I mean feed your family and friends in mind and body with things that are delicious and not give two blinks about how healthy they are.

Except that when you love your family, you want them to live—and live well. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people in my family who have gotten fat and sick from what modern memory remembers as 'soul food.'"

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Soul Food Love

The recipes in Soul Food Love are love letters I wrote to my mother. 

Part of getting the recipes out of my head and down on paper was wanting to save her life. The biographies that start out the book are my mother’s love letters to our foremothers. Just sayin’. That’s the home truth about our book Soul Food Love. But there’s some big world politics in it too. Here’s how those politics were described when our book was coming out by the amazing team at Clarkson-Potter, who have been supporting our journey to being kitchen sink amazons.


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