With graduation season upon us and spring about to turn into summer, it seems as good a time as any—no, scratch that, it seems like the PERFECT time to start my blog. I’ve been cooking and writing and sharing into the world for a while now; why not pull all of this soulfoodLOVING I’m doing into a place that lives outside of my book?! I love the promise of Spring, and the invitation of Summer. Promoting the book has kept me so busy that I’ve hardly had the time or energy to do the cooking I need, deserve, and soulfoodLOVE. That all changed last week, When I began a spring cleaning of my kitchen and of my body! I’m trying to eat SoulFoodLove recipes, at home, as much as possible heading into these warm months.


Me cooking turkey burgers in my favorite apron. “Bon Appetite Y’all!”

I stocked my fridge, and made a bunch of meals ahead—no “I’m in a hurry and can’t cook” excuses! Check out my fast food situation—SoulFoodLove “Spring Cleaning” Style!


That’s “New School Fruit Salad”, one of my favorites. I also made a bunch of grab-and-go “Eggplant towers with Mashed White Beans.” Ate one for dinner the other day—you might have seen me share it on Instagram!

I’m so happy to share my Spring Cleaning treats with you from the SoulFoodLove blog—stay tuned for more entries on the Spring to Summer menu!